Hosefloats 160

Hosefloats, an industry standard for the floatation of hoses, conduit and cables for dredging, mining and marine applications.

An easy to install solution that allows pipes to bend and flex, while maintaining low resistance to waves, wind and current.

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Product Information

HOSE O/D 10-160mm
  • LENGTH : 900mm
  • WEIGHT : 12.0 kg
  • RESERVE BUOYANCY: 132.0 kg
PIPEFLOAT SPACING GUIDE Water : 4 sets for every 12 meters of pipe
Slurry : 7 sets for every 12 meters of pipe
eg. 100m Waterpipe: (100m / 12m) x 4 = 33 Floats
recommended for half submergence


PALLET LOAD 1.2m x 1.2m x 2.25 m (height)
16 Sets per pallet
Approx Wt 298Kg

*RESERVE BUOYANCY is the weight the float will carry before full submergence.

*O/D is the Outside Diameter.

*Dimensions and weights are nominal.


A hosefloat set comprises:

  • 2 pipefloats halves
  • 2 variable rubber bushes
  • A galvanised assembly kit which includes:
    • 4 Rods
    • 8 Nuts
    • 8 Washers
  • Manufactured from polyethylene.
  • Standard color is yellow.
  • Stainless steel inserts used in crush areas.
  • Rubber Bushes are manufactured from EPDM which is totally resistant to harsh environment.
  • All floats are pressure tested prior to dispatch.
  • Recyclable and VOC Free.
  • Australian made and designed.
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Marine Grade, SAE 316 stainless steel assembly kits for
corrosive environments are available at an additional cost.

  • Kit includes: 4 Rods, 8 Nuts and 8 Washers.

Hosefloats Bushes

Set-up Instructions

Preparation of a Hosefloat Bush is
simple 2 step process:
Firmly secure the bush to a drill press

1.) Using a hole-saw kit, drill a hole to the pipe diameter first

2.) Using a saw cut the bushes in half using the cut grooves

For safety, use a:
1. Drill press
2. Band saw

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Final Assembly

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