How do I calculate how many floats I need?

Submit the following information to .
We will estimate the correct number of floats required for your application and provide you with a quotation.

  1. Outside diameter of the pipe
  2. Inside diameter of the pipe
  3. Weight of the pipe per meter
  4. Weight of the joining flanges (if any)
  5. Interval length of the pipe
  6. Total length of Installation
  7. The slurry density of the material to be pumped, water being zero
What if my pipe is an irregular size?

You can pack a larger diameter float to suit the hose to prevent slippage of the float along the line, and as long as you create friction pressure, the float won’t move.

When should I use Stainless Steel fittings?

Marine Grade 316 Stainless fittings are necessary in highly acidic or alkaline circumstances. For most plain and salt water applications, the galvanized fittings are adequate.

I have an unusual application, who do I contact?

will provide you with a rapid  response or contact 0422 733 638